Bamboo Make Up Removers - 14 Piece

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Your reusable and effective Bamboo Make-Up Removers for your grooming needs

These Bamboo Make Up Removers will soon be a part of our skincare essentials. No matter how long or short your makeup routine is, these reusable bamboo rounds will make removing it a breeze.

Simply apply water or makeup remover to one of these 14-round pads. Then scrub off any products from your face in circular motions for maximum ease. These double-sided rounds are made with an absorbent material that effectively removes all products without leaving behind pesky residue on the skin. No more spending money on disposable cotton balls!

When you're ready to wash them, which won't take long because they clean up so easily. Throw it in the provided mesh laundry bag into the washing machine. Make sure to dump out every pad inside before placing back in its original packaging until the next use.

The Bamboo Make-Up Removers Basics:

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