Dish Block Cylinder

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The ultimate dish block cylinder to eco-swap dish soap and would leave your dishes spotless

Made from natural and organic ingredients, this dish block is the ultimate substitute for plastic bottles and chemical mixtures. The dish soap is made from a green formula that actually sanitizes and cleans all stubborn grime and grease. The cylinder container allows complete usage of the dish block and when the content runs out, simply restock the tin with the dish block refill.

Finally you can enjoy a new cleaning powerhouse that will leave your dishes spotless while being gentle on your skin. Pair it with a bamboo dish brush to upgrade your eco-cleaning experience to a new level.

The Dish Block Cylinder Basics:

  • Enjoy a zero Waste and natural ingredients dish block
  • BPA, fragrance, phosphate and cruelty-free
  • Skin-safe formula
  • The Cylinder allows optimal usage of the product
  • Stylish and sleek way to store your eco-friendly dish soap
  • Top green kitchen essential item

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