Silicone Fruit and Veggie Covers - 4 Pack

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The magical Fruit and Veggie Cover to hug and preserve your food leftovers (Or seal small jars and cups!)

No more food waste with these fruits and vegetables covers. Now, the Silicone Fruit and Veggie Covers are the perfect fit for all your half-eaten avocados, apples, onions and much more.

You want to eat healthfully, but with the price of fruits and veggies these days, who can afford to waste? Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for as long as possible, with the reusable fruit and veggie hugger.

The Fruit and Veggies Covers are eco-friendly approved and will help you to reduce plastic wrap waste and save money. Additionally, they add a playful touch of colour to your fridge! Moreover, these durable food huggers fit perfectly on a variety of fruits and vegetables like lemons, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. 

Finally you can say goodbye to expensive plastic wrap and swap to these adorable, productive and eco-friendly fruit and veggie covers.

The Fruit and Veggie Covers Basics:

  • Reveal an innovative and sustainable way to protect and preserve your food leftovers
  • Reduce food and plastic wrap waste and save money
  • Receive a set of 5 versatile and colourful huggers to seal any size and shape
  • Keep your half fruit and veggies fresh for longer
  • Do your part in saving our planet
  • An ultimate sustainable kitchen product

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