Refill Handle Brush - 2 Pack

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The exclusive refill head brush to your eco-friendly handle brush

Hold onto that handle! Is your brush looking a little worn and in need of rejuvenation? Minimize waste with our handle head brush refills! Simply pop the old one out and the new one in, and you'll be back in scrubbing action. Decrease your carbon footprint by reusing your beloved handle brush and renew it with these head brushes. 

These eco-friendly bamboo dish brush refills are sturdy and durable to give your eco-friendly dish brush the right kick to work like brand new. To optimize your zero-waste journey, the head brush refill comes in a handy, plastic-free storage bag so your kitchen will stay organized and aesthetic. 

The Refill Handle Brush Basics:

  • Say no to waste and give your favourite handle brush another round to serve you in your cleaning mission
  • Enjoy a durable eco-friendly dish brush with sturdy bristles that will leave your dishes spotless and scratch-free
  • Made from natural ingredients that are made to last
  • Save money on wasteful plastic and extra products by reusing your dish brush!
  • Top natural and green cleaning product for a nontoxic home

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