Silicone Reusable Bowl Covers - 6 Piece

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Your new top-quality, reusable and adaptable silicone bowl covers to fit all your kitchen containers

Our Basic Goods silicone bowl covers are your ideal solution for quick storage after meal time. Say goodbye to expensive, wasteful plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or cling film! These elastic reusable bowl lids are made from BPA-Free silicone and can adapt to any size and shape of your containers. 

These handy Silicone Bowl Covers are easy to wash and use, making them the perfect fit for your everyday food storage and meal prepping. Let go of wasteful plastic food wraps and do your part by making the switch to reusable Silicone Bowl Covers. This way you can save the world while saving money on unsustainable kitchen practices!

The Silicone Reusable Bowl Covers Basics:

  • Let go of unsustainable single-use plastic wraps and save money!
  • Made from food-grade silicone and FDA Approved material
  • Keep your food fresh with an airtight seal to avoid food waste
  • Easily handwash or clean them in the dishwasher
  • Elastic and adaptable to fit almost every shape and size of kitchen containers
  • The best addition to a sustainable kitchen

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