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The super concentrated formula, eco-friendly Stain Bar that cleans 100% of stains from your clothes and the world!

Forget the harsh chemicals that can be rough on your skin and body. Sure, they clean your clothes, but they're toxic when introduced to your plumbing and out into our waterways.

Instead, switch to an eco-friendly stain bar that is highly effective at getting spills and marks out of your family's favourite clothes. The concentrated formula in the eco-friendly Stain Bar is highly effective in getting rid of any type of tough stain. Plus, it comes in a refillable tin so you get to use every bit of your bar and refill it for a zero-waste laundry day. 

Pair it with the Short Handle Bamboo Brush and receive a deep scrub that keeps your clothes smelling great and spotlessly clean. 

The Stain Bar Basics:

  • Removes 100% of stains and doesn't stain the world!
  • Leaves your clothes spotlessly clean and smelling fresh
  • Use the maximum amount of the product and refill the tin when it runs out
  • Effective with all types of stains- from dirt, food, drinks and much more!
  • Free from artificial chemicals that are harsh on the fabric and skim
  • Safe for your family and the environment 
  • The perfect eco-friendly cleaning product for a clean home and world

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